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Classic surfboards and big-wave guns from Californian shapers imported into Europe.

Gordon & Smith, Hobie, Fowler, Hap Jacobs, Gary Linden, Cooper Designs, Scott Anderson, Bing, Michel Junod, Takayama, Wegener, Jim Phillips, Lightning Bolt, Becker, Hynson & Co, Micah Wood, Andeini, Dyer, Josh Hall, Wayne Rich, a few pairs of Birdwell boardshorts.

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Aloha, we are the Montalivet surf shop called Spyder Surf Shop, run by Philippe Rodes, situated on the of the Atlantic Coast of Western France.

In our surf shop you will find classic longboards, retro wooden Alaia boards, big-wave guns and high performance surfboards for sale. We always have a good range of longboards in stock from nine foot pro models to ten foot classic noseriders. Enjoy the online board tour and don't forget, each surfboard, longboard and big-wave gun on sale is oozing quality craftsmanship; as it's the same team who shapes, sprays, glasses, sands and places the fins.

So as you now understand, our shop specialises in importing water sports equipment from California and Hawaii into Europe; including hand crafted longboards, one-of-a-kind surfboards and a few pairs of Birdwell boardshorts direct from the USA to our shop in France.

Following the yearly migration, a surf trip each winter to the United States of America by the Spyder technical team to source longboards and surfboards from Becker, Bing, Cooper Designs, Gordon and Smith, Hap Jacobs, Fowler, Lightning Bolt, Gary Linden, Jim Phillips, Hobie, Hynson, Anderson, Takayama, Wegener, Micah Wood, Josh Hall, Wayne Rich, Michel Junod, Andreini, Dyer and to shoot a few waves with old friends, gives you this years collection of classic boards for 2013.

*Since its opening in 1989 with the help of Dennis Jarvis, (shaper and president of Spyder Surfboards Corp), the Spyder Surf Shop has been supplying the local surf community of France with boards, fins and wax, while encouraging a new generation of surfers onto the waves. Sign up in Montalivet, call in at the shop or drop us a mail here

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